Custom Builds

At Native Sauna, we work with our clients to create their ideal wellness retreat within the framework of their unique priorities and individual lifestyle. There will be some who absolutely crave the intense heat and deeply rooted tradition of a wood-fired heater in their personal sauna. They appreciate the time-honored process involved in building a fire, the crackle of the wood, the hypnotic flames, and the raw beauty of it all.

There are others who have busy schedules, and simply do not have the time, or the desire to build a fire, but still want to enjoy the wonderful benefits of regular sauna practice. For them, an electric sauna heater would be a logical choice, having the ability to program a set time for the sauna to switch on, so that it is ready and waiting for them at their discretion.

Then there are those who want to be off-grid, but on vacation, and in that case, a propane fueled heater would suit their needs well. Whether they locate their sauna in a field, by the ocean, or at a remote lakeside camp, their sauna can be primed and ready to use with the simple turn of a dial— no wood, no mess.

The Native Sauna Modern Wood-Fired Hot Tub is truly an indulgent experience and one that would complement almost any at-home spa. The matching cold plunge pool creates a striking design feature, as well as immediate hot & cold therapy.

For those clients who would like to expand upon the concept of their custom Native Sauna build, we can add rooms for lounging, massage therapy, yoga practice, or another unique space they might have in mind.

Further still, we can build an entire wellness retreat center, including all of the above. The possibilities are endless, and up to you as the client to decide what type of wellness retreat best suits your needs. It’s up to us to build it.